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How it all started

We started our reselling journey in December 2017. Our love for thrifting and recycling goods (especially designer items!) sparked our interest in reselling our favourite finds so they wouldn't end up in nasty places like landfills. It just felt like such a shame- leaving a grail item in a tiny charity shop where it will likely never get the appreciation it deserves! So we created an Instagram, previously named 'designervintagenz' to showcase and attempt to sell the finds that we were so proud of! 

Initially, business was very slow and we were disappointed we couldn't put as much effort into our side hustle as we would've liked to.

Founder image
Founder image

Slowly but surely, vintage goods became more sought after, and we started to sell our products more consistently.

As business began to pick up, we quickly decided that importing items was the best way to keep up with the growing demand for vintage products. As much as we loved thrifting, and still do to this day, relying on small op shops in Auckland for inventory became very impractical. So, we sought after vintage suppliers that love recycling incredible pieces as much as we do!  

As we started to expand, we decided that the name designervintagenz really lacked personality. This is when the brainstorming process began; in search for a more creative name for our business. 

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We thought of some pretty hilarious ones, but 'Good Ol' Vintage' just seemed to fit. And so, in early 2018, Good Ol' Vintage was born.

Today, we are able to provide our (predominately) NZ customers with a range of awesome vintage products. We are so proud that our love for these items has driven us to this point; where we have our very own website and the ability to ship worldwide! It has been so incredible to see the demand for vintage streetwear grow exponentially over the last few years. Showing our customers that trends can be timeless, and that fashion does not have to be synonymous with wastefulness, has been so fulfilling. We hope that this movement, that preaches a slow fashion system, can teach others how to practise sustainability in other aspects of life as well.  

Fashion & Sustainability

The fast fashion industry employs a system of rapid garment production in order to cater to cultural over-consumption within the first world. It is vital that we shift towards a slow fashion system in order to preserve planetary resources and protect our earth!

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