How online vintage stores are..

Changing the game when it comes to conveniently shopping second hand

It's no secret that selling vintage isn't the most efficient thing. We have to locate items from all around the world, that follow a specific style and fit our streetwear brand- AKA what we know our customers want.

We curate specific collections each week that are streetwear orientated, for you to shop from in the comfort of your own home!

All for your convenience!

So.. How do we do this?

We find the world's best vintage streetwear

From the United States, Europe, Asia- these are just some of the many places we find cool vintage! Wherever we can find it, we'll get it and import it all into little ol' NZ. 

WE put in the mahi, so you get 100% of the treats

We take the time to clean up items, take nice photos, and outline exact sizing and other descriptive factors. So you know exactly what imperfections there may be- so there are no unwanted surprises! We even take cool modeled photos to give you styling and outfit inspo!

You can easily browse through your size

Our sidebar filter allows you to only look at available items in your size, so you're not wasting any time flicking through things that aren't the right fit for you! (thats the worst part of vintage shopping, finding something you love.. but it doesn't fit 😩)

You can easily browse through your style

Is it a tee your after? With your favourite NFL team on it? Or a Carhartt jacket perhaps? Our filter options allow you to find exactly what your looking for!

AND- We ship sooooo fast!

Domestically, we use NZ Post's overnight courier. We dispatch items every weekday morning, and most items are delivered the day after dispatch! (non-rural)

PLUS- Shipping is FREE with any order that is more than one item.

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